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Laser Dermatology (formerly Elgar Road Dermatology and Laser Associates of Victoria) is the specialist dermatology practice of Melbourne's Assoc.Prof. Philip Bekhor.

Assoc.Prof. Bekhor is a graduate of the University of Melbourne and a Fellow of the Australasian College of Dermatologists. He trained both in Melbourne and Toronto, Canada. He is a specialist in procedural dermatology, which involves the laser and surgical management of skin disorders including cosmetic dermatology.

In 1982, Assoc.Prof. Bekhor was the first dermatologist in Victoria to use lasers in the management of birthmarks. In 1988, he was appointed the founding Director of the Laser Unit at the Royal Children's Hospital to direct treatment with the then newly released Candela Pulsed Dye Laser. This was the first laser able to safely treat children with port wine stains and similar lesions. The Laser Unit at the RCH is a world recognised treatment, training and research centre.

In 1993, Assoc.Prof. Bekhor established Laser Dermatology, a private, specialist supervised laser clinic.

In addition to laser therapy, Assoc.Prof. Bekhor is particularly interested in those newly evolving cosmetic procedures that are safe and effective with minimal downtime, such as superficial skin peels, fat transfer, injections of natural and synthetic "filler" substances, and wrinkle reducing muscle relaxants. He believes that these safe, simple approaches have, in many cases, replaced laser resurfacing and surgery, both of which have longer recovery times and involve more risk.

Assoc.Prof. Bekhor is a specialist Mohs Micrographic surgeon - one of a small group of dermatologic surgeons qualified to perform this specific method of skin cancer removal which achieves tumour removal with the minimum disfigurement. Mohs surgery is performed at the Skin and Cancer Foundation in Carlton.


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  • Bekhor PS
    Contributing Author
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